1st International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Investigating and Countering Crime

September 12, 2016, Beijing, China


Co-located with the 24th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference, 12-16 September 2016 - Beijing, China.


Session 1:    Keynote

08:30-08:45    Welcome to the iRENIC Workshop

08:45-10:00    Keynote by Prof. Awais Rashid

Session 2:    Security Risks and Evidence Management

10:30-11:00    Forensically-Sound Analysis of Security Risks of using Local Password                                  Managers
                     Joshua Gray, Virginia N. L. Franqueira, and Yijun Yu  <PDF>
                     BEST LONG PAPER

11:00-11:30    A Goal-Oriented Requirements Analysis for the Collection, Use and Exchange of                      Electronic Evidence across EU Countries
                     Jean-Christophe Deprez and Christophe Ponsard  <PDF>

11:30-11:50    Verifiable Limited Disclosure: Reporting and Handling Digital Evidence in Police                      Investigations
                     Than Tun, Blaine Price, Arosha Bandara, Yijun Yu, Bashar Nuseibeh  <PDF>
                     BEST SHORT PAPER

Session 3:    Crime Modelling & Panel

13:30-13:50    Toward a More Structured Crime Scripting Method
                      Hashem Dehghanniri and Hervé Borrion  <PDF>

13:50-14:10    Unified Profiling of Attackers via Domain Modeling
                      Wentao Wang, Nesrin Hussein, Joseph Nedelec, Xuetao Wei, Nan Niu  <PDF>

14:10-15:00    Panel: Open Challenges for Investigating and Countering Crimes

Session 4:    Focus Group

15:30-16:50    Focus Group: Toward a Shared Research Agenda

16:50-17:00    Closing Remarks